Four years.

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As the year end comes closer, I am reflecting on 2014 and the fourth year of my photography journey.

While collecting the highlights of this year, choosing from different editorial and portrait shoots, I always remember how everything has started.

Here I am again, saying THANK YOU. Thank you for your continuous support. It surely contributes to my development as a photographer.

I am happy. Why?

I photographed beautiful PEOPLE and PLACES


I created wedding inspirations together with THE WINDOW team


I shot campaigns for NOTABAG



Best2014_3 Daniela Prusina Photography

And finally, I photographed couples in LOVE



Three years.

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It’s December 31st – the day I review my year and think about choices and challenges. This is when I remember how my photography journey has started and realize how it has developed.

This year I have proudly launched my new website, my photography has taken me to wonderful places in Spain, Italy, Israel and the US and I have met beautiful people along the way.

I would like use this opportunity and say THANK YOU for all your support and positive energy. I can’t wait to see what next year holds for me. Right here, right now I know that I am grateful and happy. Why?

I photographed beautiful PEOPLE and PLACES


I shot EDITORIALS with stylist Zuzanna Grabias. Together we created   MIDNIGHT BUTTERFLY and WHITE


I shot campaigns for NOTABAG


I created wedding inspirations together with THE WINDOW team


And finally, I photographed couples in LOVE

Daniela Prusina PhotographyDaniela Prusina PhotographyDaniela Prusina Photographybd_32ks23dd22ht22hp77cm_17


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It started with “Darling, I would love to do another photo shoot with you. I have this idea…” Working with Zuzanna Grabias is fun and challenging. She created a dress entirely made out of foil. You know, the transparent one you use for flowers or presents – amazing!

On this project we collaborated with photographer Jon Pride conquering his cool photo studio. Thanks so much!

Let me present you MIDNIGHT BUTTERFLY with sweet & beautiful Anna Janina.

// Dani

Styling, Hair & Makeup: Zuzanna Grabias at Hajs Ajs Creative Agency // Model: Anna // Photography: Daniela Prusina

Midnight Butterfly_1Midnight Butterfly_2Midnight_Butterfly_4Midnight Butterfly_3Midnight_Butterfly_5

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Elegance, passion and drama – inspired by the opera world together as The Window team we have created another beautiful wedding styled shoot. Opera singer Isabelle Nicolas transforms from passionate & seducing beauty in black to a happy & sweet bride in white.

The Window is a collective creative space for designers, artists & services. Together we are a team of two photographers, stylist, designer and videographer – we want to inspire and make your wedding day special. Check out for more information on our collaborative project.

Now. Lights dim, curtains apart – get ready for OPERA LOVE!

Styling, Hair & Makeup: Zuzanna Grabias  // Photography: Mayra Franco & Daniela Prusina // Model & Opera singer: Isabelle Nicolas // Videography: Martin Stonard // Stationery: Die Exklusiven Einladungskarten // Location: Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum // Dress: Natascha Wiebking

// Dani

Opera Love_6 Opera Love_7 Opera Love_2 Opera Love_5Opera Love_11 Opera Love_9Opera Love_14 Opera Love_19 Opera Love_10 Opera Love_12Opera Love_18

Listen to Isabelle’s exceptional voice in the OPERA LOVE film created by Martin Stonard – The Film Creative:


If you are interested in my photography or you would like to connect, feel free to do so via MAIL  (, FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

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