Two years.

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Sometimes you need the right person, a heroic push, to get started. Two years ago I met Jasmine Star and it was her words which helped  me start my photography business.

This year, I am also thankful for all the creative and beautiful people I met during the year, who helped me grow personally and professionally.

A big thank you goes to my dear family & friends and all you people out there for your continuous support, your likes, clicks and comments. It really means a lot to me!

Let’s celebrate the end of 2012 and embrace the New Year with love and joy!

2012 was amazing! Why?

I met beautiful PEOPLE and worked with my sweet makeup artist Emel Ertem


I shot EDITORIALS with the super-amazing stylist Zuzanna Grabias. Together we created NEON, FLASHED and ROMANTIC CITY CHIC

NEON!NEON!NEON!NEON!DanielaPrusina2012_41DanielaPrusina2012_48DanielaPrusina2012_52DanielaPrusina2012_44DanielaPrusina2012_47 DanielaPrusina2012_57DanielaPrusina2012_54 DanielaPrusina2012_58DanielaPrusina2012_59

I shot the launching campaign for NOTABAG

Notabag_01Notabag_10Notabag_04Notabag_14 Notabag_08



I gave my first photography WORKSHOP


And finally, I photographed couples in LOVE

DanielaPrusina2012_29 DanielaPrusina2012_28 DanielaPrusina2012_32DanielaPrusina2012_4DanielaPrusina2012_39DanielaPrusina2012_25DanielaPrusina2012_13 DanielaPrusina2012_14DanielaPrusina2012_63DanielaPrusina2012_62danielaprusina_white

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Did I mention that I love to work with creative people with great ideas? I do, I do, I do.

This right here is one of my favourite projects of the year. Let me introduce you to Notabag: a simple and innovative combination of a bag and backpack. Notabag is the perfect product for stylish urban people with an active lifestyle. It is reusable and has a beautiful design.

Together with an amazing team [founder & creative director, stylist, models & photographer] we have created the Notabag product launch campaign. And I have to tell you, I am very proud to be part of this and so excited to share the Notabag editorial with you today!

More importantly, please take a moment to learn more about Notabag and support this amazing product on Kickstarter (click HERE). I am sure you will LOVE it!!

Product: Notabag // Styling, Hair & Makeup: Zuzanna Grabias // Models: Katarzyna & Ken // Photography: Daniela Prusina

// Dani

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Help Portrait Frankfurt 2012

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The excitement when a gym transforms itself into a big photo studio. The sounds of kids singing and jumping around. The happy faces of women getting their hair & makeup done, smiling proudly into the cameras. The moment when you realize a 12 hour day passed like a dream.

Help Portrait. The feeling when you arrive at home and feel happy & thankful for everything you have.

I would like to thank all photographers, make up and hair stylists, volunteers, friends & family  for making our Help Portrait day in Frankfurt an amazing experience ! THANK YOU! Please check out some behind the scenes pictures I took during the day.

// Dani

HP2012_01 HP2012_12HP2012_11HP2012_03HP2012_02HP2012_15HP2012_09HP2012_14HP2012_13HP2012_20

A big thank you goes to NUNGO and CHIMA for their musical support.

HP2012_05HP2012_06HP2012_04HP2012_08HP2012_07HP2012_10HP2012_16HP2012_19 HP2012_17HP2012_18

Please do not miss this year’s BEAUTIFUL video:

Thank you, HELP PORTRAIT FRANKFURT team! See you next year!


For more information on Help Portrait please see here: official Help Portrait Page / Help Portrait Frankfurt Community / Help Portrait Frankfurt on Facebook Help Portrait Frankfurt Homepage

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