November 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

Where is home? The place you were born? The place you are living right now? The place where your family and friends are?

I was born in Mostar. That will always be my home in a way no other place can be.  Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if we stayed there. I have to admit, I am very happy where I am now – in Germany. But, you know what’s funny? I am not really a German here, but I am “the German” in my home country – every year when I visit my family and my hometown in Hercegovina.

What is home to you?

This summer I introduced you to the sea side of Croatia. Here are some impressions of my hometown Mostar. Enjoy.

// Dani

Mostar is named after the Old Bridge (Stari Most) over Neretva river, the city’s most important attraction. The bridge is used as a magnificent jumping platform at annual competitions. As a traditional tourist sight, boys & men jump off the bridge – but not until they collect enough money from the tourists 🙂

I love love love the refreshing colour of Neretva river.

Mhmmm. Ćevapčići with Ajvar & onions. Have you ever tried? You definitely should!

Unfortunately, the Yugoslavian civil war (1991-1995) is still present in Mostar. You can see a mixture of old and new.


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§ 4 Responses to Mostar

  • Anonymous says:

    Dani, such beautiful pictures. I always wanted to go to Mostar, it always attracted me, also because of this story with the bridge.. now I know better why I always wanted to go! Maybe we go together one day… it would be such a honour 😉
    You will always be at home, no matter where you are.. such a great creature like you is welcome and loved eveywhere :-))

  • Banu says:

    ooooh dani, I can totally understand how you feel in “not being german”. our background will always be a part of us, no matter where we live and how long we will live there. Wonderful pictures!

  • emel says:

    beautiful dani!!! your pictures make me want to go to mostar! 🙂
    really nice photography!!!

    my home is where the heart is ❤


  • Ado says:

    Stunning impressions!!

    I love how these images captivate the beauty of Mostar in a very unique, narrative way. They say home is where heart is, a place that always welcomes you back, no matter where you just came from…

    Well done!

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