Welcome Emiliana!

July 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

“Oh make some big jumps, big jumps, You’re afraid to break some bones. Come on make some big jumps, big jumps, Life is yours alone.”

And she was jumping and smiling all day long. Little Emiliana had her welcoming party and she invited all her friends & family. Have a look at her place (I ♥ the decoration!) and her colourful day.

// Dani

Here she is, Emiliana 🙂

The ceremony was held in the family’s own garden. There were lots of speeches by the parents, godfathers and grandparents. And there was Emiliana Torrini’s song. The soundtrack of little Emiliana’s day.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all these beautiful kids.

Saying good night. Cute!

Watch the whole story:

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Have you met Bolor?

July 21, 2011 § 5 Comments

I was super excited when she approached me. Bolor is an aspiring actress from Berlin, born in Mongolia. She is one of the main characters in the German independent movie FRANKFURT COINCIDENCES directed by the talented Enkelejd Lluca. The movie just won the audience award at the Munich Film Festival (congratulation!!). Be sure to have a look at the trailer (after seeing my pictures, first things first. Ha.)

I love to meet young and creative people and it’s great to see these people succeed. I guess, after taking pictures of my friend & actress Bianca I am more and more passionate about portraying different personalities and showing a little bit of diversity in portraits.

Bolor, thank you for a very spontaneous and exciting shoot. It was not easy to choose my favourite pictures, there were so many!! You are absolutely stunning!

// Dani

Awww. Beautiful.

More here:

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If you are interested in portraits or you’d just like to connect, feel free to do so via mail (photography.dani@yahoo.com) or Facebook.

Have you met Claudia?

July 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Sunday morning. 10 am. She is telling stories about her last trip to Bahrain. Today in Germany, tomorrow in Italy, next week in Costa Rica. Lady, you are always on the go.

I’m glad I could catch you for a few hours and capture your beauty &  your classy style. Thank you for being so wonderful.

// Dani

Love this.

Oh lĂ  lĂ  madame.

If you are interested in portraits or you’d just like to connect, feel free to do so via mail (photography.dani@yahoo.com) or Facebook.

You like it? More in the slideshow:

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Every summer.

July 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

Every summer we visit our home country. Since 1993, Germany has treated us very well, but there is no summer holiday without Croatia and (Bosnia &) Hercegovina. Some people may think: boooooring. But for us it is not. Seeing your family, listening to your language, enjoying the atmosphere during the best time of the year, makes you cherish it. Even more.

This summer, I want to document & share impressions of the places I love so much in Croatia and Hercegovina, starting today with a few pictures of the Adriatic sea side.

This is what I got during my short trip to Croatia this pre-season when my cousin got married.

// Dani

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