Have you met Bianca?

May 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

Passion. Talent. Love. Bianca has it all.  The way she talks, her exciting personality and sophisticated mind are just a few things that make her extraordinary.

Bianca is an aspiring actor. She made the decision to do what she loves. She chose to be happy and is now working for it. After finishing her theatre/acting school she now wants to present herself with a fine portfolio and asked me to take some portraits of her. I totally agreed.

And if someone was watching these two girls jumping around the city, changing clothes in/behind the car and chasing the sun, they would know: both of them are following their dream – one being infront and the other behind the camera.

Bianca, thank you for an unbelievably great day – you are simply amazing!

// Dani

Outfit change #1. We had a huuuge bag to choose from 🙂  


As we were enjoying our photo session a man driving a fantastic oldtimer approached us and asked if we would like to have the car for a few minutes. YES! That was pretty amazing!

This one is sooo the picture of the day.

We finished our day in a Cafè with a glass of Latte Macchiato.

Check out the slideshow for even mooore pictures: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if you like Facebook (who doesn’t?), check out my FACEBOOK PAGE – por favor 🙂


§ 8 Responses to Have you met Bianca?

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