Multitasking at the Rooftop

May 31, 2011 § 8 Comments

I had to go back to my apartment three times. I forgot my 1) car keys 2) inspiration board (yes, I’m always prepared) and 3) navigation system. That’s how nervous I was.

This weekend I did a very spontaneous (let’s call it) lifestyle fashion shooting 😉 Friends approached me. One of them wanted portraits, the other one pictures of the dresses her mom designs. Sooo, I called Emel to do the makeup and we all (5 girls in total) met and created chaos. It felt like we brought everything we own: mostly shoes, clothes, makeup and one (!) package of cookies (something to be improved for the next shoot).

The challenging thing was: the dresses did not fit all the models (again: it was spontaneous). So our makeup artist Emel and Shweta (my friend providing the dresses) jumped in being infront of my camera. Multitasking right there!

This is how I spend my weekends. Hope you like it.

// Dani

I love to bring people together. Girls you are just wonderful!

Thanks again to Linus providing us with the perfect shooting location. Do you see it? It’s Frankfurt!


You like slideshows? Here we go:

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Šljiva loves Pasta

May 26, 2011 § 11 Comments

She is one of my very best friends. And I could go on forever describing how beautiful she is. Inside and out.

The last few months she was pushing, commenting and clicking the “like” button like c r a z y. Supporting my photography “thing” to the max.
I am speechless and overwhelmed, Lucy. Thank you SO much for believing in me, for everything you say and you do to keep me pursuing this. I know, I told you before, but now the world wide web will know as well: I appreciate. Mucho muchooo!! And this right here is one way of saying thank you.

I hope you will look at these pictures remembering how funny our little photo session was, how tasty the forbidden cherries were, how much I enjoyed taking pictures of you and your handsome fiancé. Most of all, I hope you will see what I see: Happiness. Beauty. Love.

Sooo – getting back to business (hehe) – this past weekend I did a very exciting engagement shooting. I was soo nervous, because Lucia prepared a ton of props to shoot with. Really, we looked like a travelling circus 😀 The theme was “Sljiva liebt Nudel” (Sljiva loves Pasta) as my friend has an Italian and her fiancé a Jugoslavian background.

All, enjoy the pictures of this “gypsy-italian” engagement session!


Lucia’s makeup was done by Emel, an amazing makeup artist and friend. She made Lucia look so naturally beautiful. I totally recommend this girl, she knows her work! Emel, thanks for your support!!

We even went to our favourite hair dresser n-kuentro to style Lucia’s gorgeous red hair, since – you know – it was a special day 🙂

Love this. So much.

Check out the slideshow for even mooore pictures:

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May 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

My friend ELVIRA KIRSCH has just recently renovated her design studio. Congratulation – what a beautiful and bright location it is now! Enjoy the stroll (and pick your favourite dress ;))

// Dani

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Fashion design: Elvira Kirsch // Photographer: Daniela Prusina

Have you met Bianca?

May 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

Passion. Talent. Love. Bianca has it all.  The way she talks, her exciting personality and sophisticated mind are just a few things that make her extraordinary.

Bianca is an aspiring actor. She made the decision to do what she loves. She chose to be happy and is now working for it. After finishing her theatre/acting school she now wants to present herself with a fine portfolio and asked me to take some portraits of her. I totally agreed.

And if someone was watching these two girls jumping around the city, changing clothes in/behind the car and chasing the sun, they would know: both of them are following their dream – one being infront and the other behind the camera.

Bianca, thank you for an unbelievably great day – you are simply amazing!

// Dani

Outfit change #1. We had a huuuge bag to choose from 🙂  


As we were enjoying our photo session a man driving a fantastic oldtimer approached us and asked if we would like to have the car for a few minutes. YES! That was pretty amazing!

This one is sooo the picture of the day.

We finished our day in a Cafè with a glass of Latte Macchiato.

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