Teen decision making.

October 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

Back then in 1995, I had to make one hard decision.

My family and friends were having a barbecue in a park close to the city. I think someone was celebrating his birthday. We heard loud music playing, people were passing our barbecue place and walking to the other end of the park. We followed them and saw a camera team, a set built up and a beautiful woman lip synching something like “Badadadideido, left right, right left…” A man in a uniform was standing next to her. Captain Jack. We were kids and sooo proud to be watching behind the scenes. We became immediately fans. We watched the video on VIVA (German music TV station) and felt great. Because we were theeeere.

At the same time there was another band and another video on VIVA. 5 guys on ski vacation following a group of girls. One of the guys wants to get together with the girl who was just broken up with her boyfriend, promising her to never break her heart. I totally liked those guys. And…the song, of course 😉

Then my friend asked: “Who do you like better: Captain Jack or the Backstreet Boys???”

WELL. I know it seems as if the answer is easy. But back then it wasn’t. Really. It was a really hard decision.
I followed my teen heart. I am a bit embarrassed BUT I still love to hear their songs. And by the way: Their lyrics are the only ones I know by heart.

So, who do you like better?

I know it’s trashy. But I love the 90ies.

// Dani


§ 2 Responses to Teen decision making.

  • hahaha. and all those posters hanging on our walls….

  • jasmina says:

    oh what a cruel and hard childhood. haha.
    we had so many hard decisions to make, our parents have nooo clue how difficult it was to grow up with all those good looking singers. we just couldn’t decided who is sweeter. i remember the pain of making a decision! 🙂

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